Dr. Gene Smith, D.D.


We can absolutely tailor our classes to fit
your business needs.

Brand New Workshop - Lessons in Leadership -  A Comprehensive Leadership Academy - Exciting, interactive, practical two (2) or three (3) day comprehensive study of proven leadership skills that separate the average supervisor from the supervisor that everyone wants to follow.

Primary audience - Designed for leaders and supervisors in any stage of development
How to be THE leader that others will regard as one of the best ever
Practical leadership tips and challenges

Coming Soon!  Exciting New 2-Day Workshops - The Psychology of Organizational Success in the PSAP  and Yes, You Can Be the BEST!

BRAND NEW WORKSHOP - Building a Life-Changing Team - Developing A Structure that  TRULY Serves People (8-hour workshop).  Includes sessions on The Critical need for a Mission, Vision, and Values, Leadership Responsibilities, Personal Growth, and Succession Training.

Primary audience - general staff and leadership (all)
Becoming a "Contagious" Colleague (in a good way, of course)
Essential Components of a Life-Changing Team
KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes) related to the Mission, Vision, and Values of Your Organization.

911 Telecommunicator – A Critical Analysis (8-hour workshop). Includes sessions on Effective Teamwork, Exceptional Customer Service, Critical Thinking, Stress Management and much more.

Primary audience – general staff (telecommunicators, call-takers)
It Takes a Village to Run a PSAP
Exceptional Customer Service
Don’t Let Stress Manage You

Professionalism in the PSAP (8-hour workshop).  Discovering who you are, setting yourself apart and finding your direction.

Primary audience – general staff and leadership (all)
Know who you are and where you are going
The power of optimism – getting rid of negativism
We ARE Public Safety Communications Professionals – related expectations

Creating a "World Class" Organization (4-hour workshop)

What does it mean to be "World Class?"
Characteristis of all WCOs
Being "World Class" has noting to do with size or locality
The importance of Work-Life balance

Millennials in the Workplace (4-hour workshop).  Exciting news for the communication center.

Primary audience - general staff and leadership (all)
What this means for the PSAP
How to recruit and retain Millennial employees
Developing a collaborative climate
What Millennials can Teach our organization

Understanding the Dynamic of Change (8-hour workshop).  Includes Developing a Culture of Success.

Primary audience – general staff and leadership (all)
Attitudes Toward Change
Why Some Resist Change
Establishing a Quality Culture
Developing a Plan for Making Positive Changes

Proven Employee Retention Strategies (8-hour workshop).  Includes 7 Things Every Successful PSAP Must Have.

Primary audience – leadership
Employee Engagement
Commitment and Retention
How to Keep Great Employees

Creating a HiPer Agency (8 Hour workshop).  Consider leadership skills which bring out the best of every member of the team and leads to the development of a High Performance Culture.

Primary audience – leadership but will also benefit general staff
Developing a “World Class” Organization
What Leaders Must Do to Create a HiPer PSAP
Successful Teams Require Successful Leaders

Teamwork!  How to Lead and How to Follow (8-hour workshop).

Primary audience – general staff and leadership (all)
7 Steps to Becoming an Outstanding Employee
10 Traits of Great Leaders and Followers
Developing an AWESOME Team

Managing Conflict and Dealing with Difficult People.  (4 or 8-hour workshop).  A practical approach that truly works.

Primary audience – general staff and leadership (all)
Comprehensive approach to conflict management

Effective Listening Skills. (8-hour workshop).  Includes Six Common Listening Misconceptions and The 10 Principles of Listening.

Primary audience – general staff and leadership (all)
Listening is more than just “hearing.”  Effective Listening seeks understanding.
Are you really listening or just hearing the words?

Each workshop includes 3 or 4 interactive sessions designed to engage, involve and encourage the student.  Thank you for your interest and your desire to improve and develop yourself and your staff.